Welcome to Chateau Wedding Carriages' Premier Coach section. All of the products on display are "top-of-the-line" rigs, with most having an age spanning over 100 years.
   Originally built for Royal family travel and parade, these coaches provide a truly authentic touch to any wedding,... creating a center piece for family conversation for years to come.
NEW Empress Pumpkin Coach
The ultimate entrance for any bride with our "One-Of-A-Kind" unit !!!
Our Cinderella Pumpkin Coach
  This newest addition to our already popular series of Princess Wedding Coaches, definitely takes-the-cake hands-down. Having one of the most comfortable rides imaginable, this carriage boasts many incredible features found nowhere else.
"Uniquely Beautiful", only begins to describe this new comer,... for a day with this carriage is magical in every way and will create an unbelievable moment to remember.
Royal Cinderella Coach : White & Gold with Gold Velvet Interior Royal Cinderella Coach : White & Gold with Red Leatherette Interior
   These coaches remain the centerpiece of our business, providing majestic comfort and tasteful profile. Built over 100 years ago, they epitomize the craftmanship of their day, with all-stops pulled out for customer satisfaction.
   Built for the wealthy, they symbolize true class,... simple beauty with that special touch of romance.
   To ride in one of these, is to get the true feel of elegance that was literally created for a king and queen.  All make an exciting day even more special and provide the privacy a new couple long for while the eyes of the outside world watch this happy occasion.
Cinderella Princess Coach : Black & Gold with richly detailed Gold Velvet Interior